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On and around Barsebäck Strand we have something for everyone!

Visit Copenhagen

We recommend you who stay with us for a few days a trip to Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen.

You can reach Copenhagen easily by train or car. With the train, from either Lund, Landskrona or Kävlinge, you will reach Copenhagens central station within an hour.

A kids’ favourite: Tivoli (an amusement park) is located directly next to the central station. On a nice walk from there to beautiful Nyhavn, you can take a stroll through Ströget, a popular street full of shopping possibilities and restaurants.


A little side note here: an Öresund-rund train ticket includes public transportation in Scania and Copenhagen, one train ride over the bridge and one train ride to and with the ferry from Helsingör to Helsingborg. The ticket is valid for 48 hours which gives you enough time to discover the pearls of the region. Another bonus: it comes with a few discounts for e.g. the Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg or the Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts close to Helsingör.

For more information about Copenhagen visit:  VisitCopenhagen.dk



Besök Ven! - Foto av Maria Eklind


Ven, a little Island in the middle of the Öresund, offers beautiful nature, idyllic marinas and the history of the astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Ven is located in the middle of the Öresund between Denmark and Sweden. The public ferry departs from Landskrona and the ride takes only about 30 minutes. When arriving in Bäckvickens harbour, we recommend you to rent one of the yellow bikes that have become characteristic for the island!


If you don’t want to bike, you can take a bus, tractor and trailer, horse and carriage or a golf cart. You can even rent e-bikes for easier uphill rides. Hiking is of course another option or why not trekking with alpacas? Cosy farm shops, culinary experiences, swimming, nature, golf, ancient monuments and other exciting sights are waiting for you!


Tycho Brahe Museum

The museum portrays one of Scandinavia’s most important persons of the scientific world, the Scanian/Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe. At the end of the 16th century, he had an advanced research centre on the island Ven with a castle and an observatory. Today you can visit a museum, an underground observatory, a renaissance garden and a themed playground.


The Distillery Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn

One of the world’s smallest, family-owned Pot Still-distilleries where everything from mashing to fermentation, distillation, oak barrel storage and bottling happens under the same roof. The distillery offers guided tours and whisky tasting. Additionally, the distillery is located in a region which has some of the country’s best organic resources, which is why they use as many locally produced resources as possible. Thanks to this excellent spot in the country’s most fertile landscape, they can do this without needing to compromise the quality of their product.


The kitchen is their pride and during a visit their capable cooks will do their best to fulfil every guests’ specific requests.

We wish you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn.


Skånes djurpark

Älg på Skånes djurpark - Foto av Jorchr


In Skånes Djurpark, the world’s biggest wildlife park with Nordic animals, no day is the same. The animals are likeable individuals and to meet them in beautiful nature creates magnificent and unforgettable memories. By following the daily program and expeditions, you can make the most of the day at Skånes Djurpark..


Furthermore you will find the world’s first Shaun the Sheep land!

Skånes Djurpark is the first in the world with this unique attraction. Here you can step into a 20.000 m² big world that you can recognize from tv-series and movies, build up around the stories and characters. On the farmers market you can meet the superstars from the Mossy Bottom Farm.


Shaun the Sheep and his herd travelled all the way from England and now you have the chance to meet them in person!

More information at: www.skanesdjurpark.se


Lund’s domkyrka


One of Scania’s most popular tourist attraction is Lund’s cathedral, which is located approximately 25 km by car southeast of the campground.

Lund’s cathedral has fascinated visitors since the 12th century.

A lively church with daily services. One of Sweden’s foremost sights and most loved buildings.


It’s no coincidence that Lund’s cathedral is being visited by 700 000 people and the services by more than 90 000 people yearly. Lund’s cathedral got the top rating of three stars from the Michelin Travel Guide “Green Guide” and it has been nominated as one of Sweden’s seven wonders by the listeners of Vetenskapsradion (the Science radio).


Alpacas in Barsebäck

One of our closest, recommended destinations is just a few kilometers from our campsite. At Åtorpsgården you can experience something very special. Here you can meet alpacas and take a walk through the village with these fantastic animals.
For more information, visit https://www.atorpsgarden.se/index.html.

Barsebäcks hamnkrog

Barsebäcks Hamnkrog, a wonderful restaurant located at the harbour in the picturesque village Barsebäck, an old fishing hamlet which became a very popular destination for both, people by boat and people by foot.

More information about events can be found at : http://www.barsebackshamnkrog.se/aktuellt/


Barsebäcks golf club

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club rates as one of Europe’s most beautiful and best golf courses. Already in the 1980s, Jack Nicklaus, one of the golf history’s most famous and qualified golf players, highlights Barsebäck’s beautiful location and the golf courses high quality. Since then a lot has happened!


During the years 13 European Tours were arranged at the golf club and players like Annika Sörenstam, Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomery have joined in Jack Nicklaus’ praise.

2003 the Masters Course at Barsebäck was host for the Solheim Cup. In July 2018 Barsebäck was host for the premier league for women and men for the ninth time in a row. Sweden’s best players fight for the prestigious title.


More information can be found at: www.barsebackresort.se



Would you like to experience Scanian forests and really get out into nature? Then we would recommend you a visit to Söderåsen. Only 40 km from here you can find this oasis.

You are going to encounter ridges covered with beech forests, dramatic valleys and flowing streams. The national park, which is dominated by beech forests, has one of northern Europe’s largest uninterrupted expanses of protected deciduous forests and its home to a rich flora and fauna. From the platform Kopparhatten you can enjoy a magnificent view over the park.


The main entrance and the visitor center is located in Skäralid, next to the impressive Skäralidsravine. The other entrance is in Röstånga, at the Nackarpsvalley. There you can also find the odd Odensjön, a lake that is subject to various legends and mythical stories.





Järavallen is one of southwestern Scania’s biggest cohesive outdoor areas. It unites meadows, beaches and pine forests and provides a net of nature paths.

Järavallen is the crown jewel of the community’s nature and rambling areas.


The area measures approximately 470 hectare which provides the visitors with the possibility to experience a large variety of nature and recreational environments. Everything, from interesting flora and fauna, like for example the natterjack toad, common/eggleaf twayblades or sandbees, to wonderful relaxing sandy beaches and cooling baths can be enjoyed at Järavallen.

More information can be found at: https://www.en.skanskalandskap.se/



The Skåneleden, a 1250 km long hiking trail that is divided into five subtrails, winds its way through – amongst others – the municipality of Kävlinge. That subtrail is called SL5-Öresundsleden, which runs from Utvälinge (just west of Ängelholm) in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south. It passes through Järavallen and the Barsebäck area. It even spans further south to the Falsterbo peninsula. All along the way you can enjoy magnificent sea views and beautiful nature reserves. Public transportation is accessible along the way.


More information can be found at https://www.skaneleden.se/en.


Kävlinge activity park (K.A.P.)

Kävlinge Aktivitetspark KA


In august 2015 a new activity park close to Furulund was inaugurated. It contains a big skatepark with bowls, flows and streets as well as a boules courts and beach handball courts. Furthermore you can find an obstacle course and slacklines to exercise.



Saxån and Kävlingeån, two creeks that run along the municipalities borders in the north and south, offers recreation and the possibility to fish.

Information about fishing in Kävlingeån/Löddeån can be found at Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns Fiskevårdsområdes hemsida.


Exercising tracks

In the Kävlinge municipality you are close to beautiful green areas and the possibility to exercise.

Established exercising tracks

Järavallen: wheelchair-accessible 1,2 km / red 2,2 / yellow 4,3 / green 8,3 km; Bridle path 2,8 km. It has a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform at the sea. Resting and grilling areas are available. No lighting. Be aware of roots sticking out from the ground.


Klåveröd: adrenaline junkies can take a ride on the newly build mountain bike trail which winds it way 5,3 km through coniferous and deciduous woodland. Bikes can be rented.


More information can be found at https://www.en.skanskalandskap.se/.


Sydkustleden – The south coast trail!

Sydkustleden (the south coast trail) is something for those who like to cycle along the sea, enjoy the Scanian landscape and would like to stay at a charming inn. It is the country’s third national cycle route for tourism and recreation, officially inaugurated June 2-3, 2019.


The coastal South Coast Trail consists of 6 stages and a total of 260 km of cycle paths. Here it is close between the experiences. You can sunbathe on some of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches, experience historical and scenic environments, eat and drink well at local cafes and restaurants. If you want to experience a vibrant city life, you can visit the big cities of Malmö and Helsingborg.


The south coast trail also ties together all our campsites, so take a bike and go on a little adventure!


Read more about the south coast trail at this link: https://swedenbybike.com/cykelleder/sydkustleden/


Sydkustleden - Bild från Sweden by Bike

Here is always something going on, you won’t get bored!

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