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Barsebäck Strand

with the sea as your closest neighbour

Barsebäckstrand Camping


A warm welcome to Barsebäckstrand Camping!


On 1th November, Barsebäckstrand Camping closed for the season and we want to give a big and warm thank you to all guests and all staff who have contributed to a great season!


If you are looking for a weekend or mid-week stay before we open up again, we recommend a stay at one of our other facilities: Tobisviks Camping.



Do you want to book for 2021? We have opened the bookings!



On our campground you will meet the sea as your closest neighbour and all sites offer a beautiful sea view with a path that leads to the white, shallow beach or to the pier from which you can take a dip.


Barsebäckstrand awaits big changes as we, from 2019 on, are the new owners who will build up Barsebäckstrand with new campsites, cabins and stopovers.


Barsebäckstrand offers activities for all ages, including for example SUPs, soccer, playgrounds and guided passes. We are located along the national biking path Sydkustleden, which stretches further to our other campgrounds in Falsterbo, Trelleborg and Simrishamn. This creates a fantastic opportunity for your hiking or biking trip along national biking paths and the Skåneleden.


As our closest neighbour we have the sea, rambling areas along Barsebäck and Järavallen, Barsebäcks harbour and last but not least Barsebäcks long-established golf club. If you are keen on shopping, Center Syd, a shopping mall where you will find everything you need, is located just a stone’s throw away.


Barsebäck has a great location right in between Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg from where you can start your daytrips to Helsingör and Köpenhamn on the other side of the Öresund. Or why not take a tour to the beautiful island Ven?


The possibilities are endless – Welcome to Barsebäck Strand!

Ola & Anna Ambuhm with staff

Information about Covid-19
Updated 2020-11-30

For us, your safety and security is always a high priority. We at Barsebäck Strand always strive to create memorable experiences and we want to continue to do so. We take the current situation with the Corona virus very seriously and we do everything to make you, our guests, feel safe during our stay with us. We promise that we will continue to do everything for you!

On this page we will continuously inform you who are planning to visit us or who have already booked your trip. We follow recommendations from Swedish authorities and experts.

Living at campsite

  • When you are coming to us with a caravan or motor home you have 100% control over your environment and you can feel as safe and secure as you do at home.
  • When you live in our cabins you have your own accommodation with plenty of distance to your neighbors. All our cottages are thoroughly disinfected after your stay.

Activities – Nature is good for us!

  • At Barsebäck Strand there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. Breathing fresh air is important for all of us!
  • If you want to do something on your own, you can go for a walk by the beach and hang out in our beautiful environment

Common buildings and reception extra cleaning procedures 

  • For your safety, we have introduced extra cleaning routines throughout the facility, which mean that our service houses are disinfected regularly. The reception, door handles and access cards are more examples of contact surfaces which are disinfected regularly.
  • We urge everyone who visits us, both guests and staff, to be sure to wash and disinfect our hands frequently.

We can help each other

This summer, we still have to keep our distance to others to prevent the spread of infection. As before, it is also important to stay at home if you have symptoms or are ill, wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze in your arm fold and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


What applies to cancellations?

For the time being, regular cancellation policy applies. Should we receive new recommendations from Swedish authorities that affect booked trips, we will inform you about this.

What applies if Sweden closes the border?

We follow the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness MSB: recommendations and follow developments continuously.


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