Barsebäck Strand

with the sea as your closest neighbour

Barsebäckstrand’s campground and cabin village


On our campground you will meet the sea as your closest neighbour and all sites offer a beautiful sea view with a path that leads to the white, shallow beach or to the pier from which you can take a dip.


Barsebäckstrand awaits big changes as we, from 2019 on, are the new owners who will build up Barsebäckstrand with new campsites, cabins and stopovers.


Barsebäckstrand offers activities for all ages, including for example SUPs, soccer, playgrounds and guided passes. We are located along the national biking path Sydkustleden, which stretches further to our other campgrounds in Falsterbo, Trelleborg and Simrishamn. This creates a fantastic opportunity for your hiking or biking trip along national biking paths and the Skåneleden.


As our closest neighbour we have the sea, rambling areas along Barsebäck and Järavallen, Barsebäcks harbour and last but not least Barsebäcks long-established golf club. If you are keen on shopping, Center Syd, a shopping mall where you will find everything you need, is located just a stone’s throw away.


Barsebäck has a great location right in between Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg from where you can start your daytrips to Helsingör and Köpenhamn on the other side of the Öresund. Or why not take a tour to the beautiful island Ven?


The possibilities are endless – Welcome to the Scanian coast!


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