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Play golf

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful and best golf facilities. As early as the 1980s, Jack Nicklaus, one of golf history’s most famous and meritorious golfers, established Barsebäck’s beautiful location and the high quality of golf courses. A lot has happened since then! Over the years, 13 European tour competitions have been arranged and players such as Annika Sörenstam, Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomery have all agreed to Jack Nicklaus’ praise. In 2003, the Masters Course at Barsebäck hosted the Solheim Cup. Most recently in July 2018, Barsebäck hosted the Elite Series for both women and men for the ninth year in a row, where several of Sweden’s best players make up for the prestigious title.



Saxån and Kävlingeån, which follow the municipality’s boundaries in the north and south, offer recreation and opportunities for fishing. Information about fishing in Kävlingeån / Löddeån is available on Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns Fiskevårdsområde’s website .



Experience one of southwestern Skåne’s largest contiguous outdoor areas. Järavallen contains meadows, beach and pine forest with a network of nature trails. The area’s size of almost 7.28 km 2 means that visitors have the opportunity to experience a great variety of natural and recreational environments. Everything from interesting and protected plant and animal species such as beach toads, dicotyledons and tip sand bees to wonderfully relaxing sandy beaches and cooling baths can be experienced at Järavallen. There are also exercise tracks: Red 2.2 km, Yellow 4.3 km and Blue 8.1 km. Accessibility-adapted path of 1.2 km and riding path of 2.8 km. Accessibility-adapted viewing platform by the sea. Rest areas and barbecue area. Not electrically lit. The trails in the area are primarily made for walking and hiking. But it is of course excellent to run – and the loops are appreciated by many runners. Be prepared for roots on the paths. The more active visitor can take a ride on the newly built mtb loop or take the horse out on the riding trail around the southern lake. Along the coast, those interested in birds get their fill. More information at the Skånska landskap foundation which is responsible for the Järavallen nature reserve.


Alpaca hike in Barsebäck

One of our nearest excursion destinations is only a couple of kilometers from our campsite. At Åtorpsgården you can experience something very special. Here you can meet alpacas and take a walk through the village with these fantastic animals.
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Barsebäck’s Hamnkrog (dining)

Eat well at Barsebäcks Hamnkrog, in the small picturesque village of Barsebäckshamn, an old fishing village that has become a very popular destination for both boaters and land crabs.


Ven, the small island in the Sound, which offers magnificent nature, idyllic marinas and the history of astronomer Tycho Brahe. Venrafiken’s ferry departs from Landskrona and the crossing takes only 30 minutes. Once in Bäckviken’s harbor, we recommend you rent one of the yellow bikes that have become characteristic of the island. If you do not want to cycle, there is a bus, tractor trailer, horse and carriage or golf cart. You can also rent an electric bike to facilitate the uphill slopes. It is of course possible to hike on the island or why not try alpaca trekking. Cozy farm shops, culinary experiences, swimming, nature experiences, golf, ancient relics and other exciting things await you.

Here you will also find the Tycho Brahe Museum, which depicts one of Scandinavia’s most important figures in science, the Scanian / Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe. At the end of the 16th century, he had an advanced research center at Ven with a castle and observatory. Today you can visit a museum, underground observatory, renaissance garden and historical playground.

The distillery Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, is one of the world’s smallest family-owned Pot Still distilleries where everything from mashing to fermentation, distillation as well as oak barrel storage and bottling takes place under one roof. The distillery offers both guided tours and whiskey tastings. We are also in a region that has some of the country’s best raw material producers, so we attach great importance to using locally produced raw materials, as far as possible. Thanks to their excellent location in the country’s most fertile landscape, they can do this without compromising on quality.


Söderåsen National Park

Do you want to experience Scanian forest and really get out into nature? Then we recommend a visit to Söderåsen. Only 40 km away you will find this oasis. You will meet dramatic nature with deep fissure valleys and cliffs, flowing water and lush, primeval deciduous forest. The national park, with one of northern Europe’s largest contiguous deciduous forests, has a very rich plant, bird and animal life. From the plateau Kopparhatten (90 m) you have a magnificent view. The main entrance and Naturum Söderåsen are located in Skäralid, by the mighty Skäralids gorge. The other entrance is in Röstånga, by Nackarpsdalen. There is also the strange and legendary Odensjön.


More to discover:

    • Fredwicksfeldtska mill, one of Skåne’s finest windmills.
    • Glihög’s walkway, a tomb from the Stone Age.
    • Pegasus Garden, Scandinavia’s only ecological theater garden.
    • Kävlingeån, here you can canoe, raft or fish.
    • Capricorn ramparts, here you can walk with a nice view of the Sound.
    • VikingaTider, a Viking age society with farms, animals, agriculture, crafts and trade.



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